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Ah, the previledges of membership…

Time savings, money saving, efficiency, no stress, already planned events, gatherings and travel.  We have a membership that’s right for you and yours and the most surprising part is that there’s no facilities or capital planning expenses to cover because we have it covered.  At this time we do not have a dedicated facility and make excellent use of the multitude of available space within your market, and by that we mean, local spaces and places.  From the library meeting rooms to the beautiful warm banquet space nestled in the nearby eatery, an oceanside conference center, the covered picnic area at the magnificent nature preserve, the zoo and even the forestry center, we ensure that your investment is optimized by keeping costs low and reasonable.

Just show up, and enjoy.  Alright, we ALL know there’s always more to it than meets the eyes.  But what does membership include.  Well, it doesn’t always include parking, so well, there’s that.

Registration Fee.  There is a one-time $25 registration fee for each individual.  Each parent or guardian and any person attending over the age of 18 will be background checked before approval.  Our other costs are for facilitating communication and the time it takes to manage all of the behind the scenes organization to ensure your safety and that your family feels welcome, included and important because you are.  And for good measure, there’s also a T-Shirt!

Everyone is welcome but remember, we are faith based and we’re taking the Bible seriously, so get ready.  We are going to live by the Word through the grace of God.

So let’s talk about what we are and what we are not.

We are a social club for homeschool families that meets once a week for multiple consecutive weeks in a row over two sessions throughout the year with a summer schedule for non-membership park and event gatherings.

We are:

Designed to bring you and yours closer to the image of our Lord and Savior, His work and your submission to what He desires of you, personally.

A social club that provides a comprehensive event schedule that is offered in two seasons, Fall and Winter/Spring with Summer park gatherings planned.

These gatherings are pre planned but the entrance fees for your crew are up to you and are not included in the membership.  Some members may decide to not participate or your family may be out of town so these costs are not incorporated to our membership fee.

Membership fees are charged monthly and you may quit at any time.  With no deactivation fee.  Your Membership fee will transact on the last day of the prior month for which the fee is regarding.  The example is that your September dues will transact on the last day of the prior month, so August 31st you will be charged.

A 7-day notice of cancellation is required prior to the last day of the month or your fee will transact for the following month.


We are not a school.

We are not an academic program.

We are not a co-op.  You will never be asked to teach, buy supplies, baby sit, clean bathrooms, run the nursury, plan and execute an event.  None of it.

We have no curriculum but we will distribute Bible verses at each of the Club Jesus gatherings.

We are not a place to network for your business purposes.  We are a social club for families and exist for our mission and objectives and not solicitations.  Our member emails are to never be compromised or used to garner support for your business oportunity, party, event, gathering or cause.

We do not promote yoga, or teen dating, Star Wars, Pokemon, Disney, NERF guns, video games or new “evangelical movements” etc., etc. ad nauseum.  These things we find make some nauseated and expect your respect.  We will never promote these and hope that you also will not during our gathering time.  Please do not bring any relative items to gatherings as well as knives real or plastic, weaponry, including numchucks, picks, tools etc.  And finally, if you’re packing, or concealed carry, we think that’s marvelous. Let us know so we know who is the go to.

  1.  We are not a drop off program.  A parent or guardian must be present and reasonably in control of their own children at all times.  Children should never be alone in any other room without the parent present for the safety and liability of everyone involved.
  2. All members over age 18 will be background checked because your security and especially that of your precious children is foremost.  Without it, we won’t exist.
  3. We cannot guarantee a stand in can be background checked without 10 days notice prior to the event.
  4. If you or yours are ill, we will ask you to leave immediately and join us at the next gathering.  This will included runny noses and coughs and relentless sneezing and signs of flu.  Any illness should be given 48 hours from the last incident.
  5. Proof of Immunization will never, ever be required and immunizations will not be promoted.
  6. No one will ever sell or share your personal or financial information and since you are as disinterested in third party sales schemes as much as we are, well, aren’t we like-minded?
  7. All disputes between parties will be handled in the following manner  if two children are involved, parents of children and subsequently all of their family will be required to be present immediately following event and we will make ammends as much as possible at that time and not later in the day or the following evening or after a weekend.  Disputes between parent and parent will be handled immediately as well.

Any opinions of our practices or rules of the road are fabulously yours, and yours alone so keep them to yourself as we want you to own them, as we will own ours as well.  We will keep bringing the activities sans agenda or tainted by the culture and your part is to keep showing up because you and /or yours may be the most important friend someone ever has!

Here’s an example of our costs:

Registration Fee: $25.00 per person

Monthly Membership Fee: $35.00 per person

Gathering Event Sampler

Event 1:  Orentation gathering Meet and Greet.  Appetizers and cold refreshments

Event 2:  Haircuts and Photo Day

Event 3:  Zoo Day

Event 4: Pumpkin Patch

Event 5: Wreath Making and Cookie Decorating

Event 6: OMSI – Science Fair Kick Off

Event 7:  Portland Art Museum

Event 8: Tualatin Vally Water District

Event 9: Emergency Kit Build

Event 10:  Fire Department Tour/Police Department Tour

Event 11: Ice Skating

Event 12: Zoo Lights Train Ride

Additional event options:

AMTRAK to Seattle with Seattle tour

Cannon Beach Ocean Overnight

Camping Overnighter

Rock and Mineral Museum

World Forestry Center

Ice Cream Social

Grocery Store Tour

Airport Tour

Symphony Performance

Food Bank Volunteer Night

Good In the Hood Food Collection Campaign

Service Dog demonstration and puppy meet and greet

K-9 trials

Tour of Oregon Convention Center

Tour of CREO Chocolate Factory

Portland International Auto Show (tweens/teens)

LEGO challenge

Spelling Bee

Remote Control car race challenge

GTKYB gathering

Mother’s Day Tea

Father’s Day

Master Gardeners Tour

Gift Wrap Demonstration

Phys Ed Fun

Science Fair

Art Show

BBQ Picnic and Baseball Game Parents Vs. Kids

How Does Your Garden Grow?

State Fair

3-day summer gathering with room block (tbd)

Natural Preservation park and nature walk

BINGO night with PRIZES

Teen small group discussion

Teen banquet

…and so much more!

Birthdays are celebrated once a month.  Each member with a birthday that month receives a card signed by all members present that day and a KJV gift Bible.  And there will be cake.

All arrangements, bookings, guest speakers, communicataions, Science Fair final event space and refreshments, social media posts, are covered in cost.  Entrance fees, travel costs, parking, room nights, photo prints and meals are not included in the membership fee.

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