About US

Club GENIUS (CG) was inspired and created to provide a comprehensive, Biblical solution to meet the social component for home educating families.

Mission and Objective

While most families are tailoring their progeny’s education to meet the needs of their contemporary student, Club GENIUS provides a consistent social component to encourage fellowship, character, knowledge and in turn wisdom through interfacing with likeminded individuals.  When implemented in all three aspects, the mission of CLub GENIUS, Club JESUS and Family BEST Practices is achieved while transforming the family to live out the image to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Club GENIUS, Club JESUS and Family BEST Practices are all beneath a 501(c)7 not for profit tax structure and status.

Internal Revenue Code (“IRC” or the “Code”) § 501(c)(7) provides social and recreational clubs with an exemption from federal taxation of income derived from providing services related to its tax-exempt mission. Generally, the Code and Treasury Regulations (the “Regs”) provide that entities organized and operated for pleasure, recreation, and other similar nonprofit purposes may be exempt from federal income tax.1 The nature of the activity, pastime, or hobby is not material so long as an organization exhibits the requisite social character.

Donations, in-kind and monetary are graciously acepted, however there is no tax write-off for such donations based on the above noted IRC.  We are a tax exempt, non-profit, social organization that exists solely for the benefit of one another to be transformed closer to the image of the God Most High through the renewing of our minds.

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